Because a Life Plan Community such as Revel Creek is a new concept for many of us, one of the subjects we are asked about most often is the entrance fee.

One way to better understand the entrance fee model is as an investment in your financial stability. The initial payment goes to secure your future, guaranteeing that you will be entitled to the full range of care services for life if and when you should require them. Better yet, depending on the agreement type you choose, at the conclusion of your contract, up to 90% of your entrance fee will be returned to you or to your estate. Or, if you prefer to pay a lower entrance fee, Revel Creek also offers contract options with lower refundable terms starting at $171,537.

Effectively, by locking in your costs under the entrance fee, you will receive priority access to Assisted Living, Memory Care and/or Skilled Nursing Care any time and for as long as you need it for the duration of your residency.

Beyond the money you stand to save by selecting a Life Plan Community, which is substantial, the real value of this model is that it offers you, the resident, the ultimate degree of flexibility, autonomy and self-determination over your healthcare options.

What about monthly fees?

The monthly fee, which starts at $3,995 and varies based on the size of your residence and whether you are single or a couple, covers all of your regular living expenses. At Revel Creek, all of the following services are paid for under your monthly fee:

  • Flexible dining credits
  • Wellness room and exercise programs
  • Social and activity programs
  • Personalized housekeeping
  • Gas, electric and water (cable, phone, and Wifi available)
  • Weekly linen/laundry service
  • Scheduled transportation
  • 24-hour security with personal response system
  • Concierge service/valet parking

A point of comparison.

When shopping for a Life Plan Community, we encourage prospective residents to make up a list of their present monthly expenses, which may include the costs of home maintenance, yard work, snow removal and other home-associated obligations like homeowners insurance, utilities and real estate taxes. In our experience, even people who own their homes outright find that they will actually reduce their monthly expenditures by moving to a Life Plan Community such as Revel Creek.

Compare your monthly expenses now vs. at Revel Creek

Expenses At home At revel Creek
Water $ Included
Heating $ Included
Phone $ Included
Cable $ Included
Internet $ Included
Real estate taxes $ Included
Homeowners taxes $ Included
Homeowners Premiums $ Included
Housekeeping $ Included
Landscape/Lawn $ Included
Snow removal $ Included
Home repairs $ Included
Appliance Repairs $ Included
Gym membership $ Included
Entertainment $ Included
Security $ Included


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