Revel Creek December 2019 Newsletter

Do as the Locals Do: What to Do in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Do as the Locals Do: What to Do in Kalamazoo, Michigan

The future expansion of Heritage Community, Revel Creek, will be giving its residents a fun and exciting taste of Kalamazoo attractions. With numerous amenities on campus that will keep your mind curious and your heart full—this Michigan senior living community is one that people look at and see value and convenience in because of its great setting. The local appeal doesn’t stop there. The surrounding area of the Heritage Community provides museums, parks and festivals, events and food to delight any culture pallet.

Heritage Community is committed to providing complete senior enrichment to provide a happy, fulfilling, life in Michigan. And with the endless possibilities in Kalamazoo, senior living can be an exciting adventure. 

The community at Revel Creek, opening in 2022, will prioritize your comfort and value your interests. The campus will feature an attractive modern wellness center, a welcoming outdoor terrace and an indoor gathering space featuring bistro dining, panoramic views and a fieldstone fireplace. There are many opportunities available to express yourself and participate in activities and events that are good for your soul. 

What to Do at Revel Creek

Outings and Events

There are monthly calendars created by the Life Enrichment Coordinators full of events within the community, in Kalamazoo, and throughout the surrounding area. While on campus, you can create lasting friendships by bonding over an art class, card-playing, ballroom dancing lessons, poetry readings, continuing education opportunities, and many more.

Fitness is also a major part of the community, ensuring a healthy mind and body. Heritage Community offers a variety of physical wellness classes including Cardio Drumming, ©EnhanceFitness, and Tai Chi.

What to Do in Kalamazoo

Of course, Kalamazoo is an amazing city, open for you to explore on your own if you wish. Kalamazoo’s various downtown areas are filled with their own unique flair and plenty of attractions. Each spot is bursting at the seams with vibrant life, and many offerings to satisfy your adventurous side. It has so much to offer, but below are a few ideas.

Higher Education

One of the most defining factors of Kalamazoo is its higher education institutes. Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo College and Kalamazoo Valley Community College are the three higher education institutions that add a multitude of cultural and educational opportunities within the area. 

Kalamazoo Parks and Expo Center

Kalamazoo has many parks, trails and lake beaches so outdoor adventures are awaiting! Take a walk through the many walking trails and enjoy the foliage, like the new Portage Creek Bicentennial trail being developed in Revel Creek’s back yard. This trail runs a little over seven miles long and is fit for all skill levels where you’ll see wildflowers, wildlife–and you can even bring your pup along. Or for the more active, take a bike ride through Kalamazoo River Valley Trail.

The Expo Center constantly has exhibits and entertainment going on – over 100 annually to be specific. This 90,000 square foot space hosts events and groups from 25 people to 250,000 people. Check out the rest of this year’s events in the event calendar, which include Fall Flea Markets, Bingo, Craft Fairs, and various food festivals.  

Gilmore Car Museum

The Gilmore Car Museum is North America’s Largest Auto Museum. This 90-ace historic campus located outside of Kalamazoo features classic vehicles and provides an exciting experience for all. Check out all types of vehicles from early model cars, to 50’s classics, to cars from movie sets. And there’s something for everyone with the many events hosted each month. Take a look at the Special Exhibit page to see if there are any events you’d like to participate in. 

The Kellogg Manor House 

This beautiful recreational site will immerse you into nature with lush greenery and a sweeping river. Take a look at the trail guide for a relaxing walk, or take the botanical garden tour to view a shoreline demonstration, award-winning trees and foliage areas. Then head inside to the recreation and game room for entertainment and fun. Tours of the grounds are offered year-round.

W.K. Kellogg Bird Sanctuary 

The Kellogg Bird Sanctuary is a unique wildlife center offering tours of captive and wild birds. Trails are also accessible for a self-guided walk around the sanctuary. The trail to Wintergreen Lake provides a look at hundreds of waterfowl in their natural habitats, such as swans, geese and duck species. Watch hummingbirds and butterflies feed off flowers located in the Pollinator Garden. And end the day with lunch in the available picnic area. Check out their events calendar to find a course, program or workshop that interests you. 

Revel Creek can serve as a relaxing setting for your senior lifestyle. Residents have the freedom to live the life they choose, with opportunities at their fingertips. They also have the peace of mind that they’ll be taken care of, should they need Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing and rehabilitation services.

Now that you know all about the many activities and programs offered at Revel Creek and in Kalamazoo, visit our website for more information. Contact us to schedule an appointment to come visit. 

Revel Creek October 2019 Newsletter

Five Star Senior Living Features

Five Star Senior Living Features

Choosing the right route of continuing care for yourself or your aging parent is a difficult decision. But finding the right environment that fits in with your interests, needs, and how you want to live the rest of your life is important for your peace of mind.

Whether its spacious and modern living facilities, numerous activities both on and off-campus, or outstanding healthcare services, the Revel Creek expansion on the campus of Heritage Community of Kalamazoo, will provide you or your loved one with the amenities that’ll afford you comfort, security, and an enriching lifestyle that will meet all of your expectations.

Home Is Where The “Smart” Is

Five star senior living starts with modern amenities in-home at Revel Creek. Private one and two-bedroom residences will feature a gourmet kitchen and a full bathroom(s), where residents can truly have their personal space and create their new home as comforting as the one they’ve always known. These are not like the hospital rooms you may picture. All residences will be equipped with leading-edge smart home automation, climate control, and lighting systems, making our homes the smartest of the smart around. The benefits of a smart-home are innumerable.

With our smart-lighting, you don’t have to fear stumbling in the dark to find a light switch in the middle of the night: you can control the lighting in your house with your voice or an app, and even change the thermostat if you’re getting too chilly all from the comfort of your bed! And if you want to step away from technology for a moment, you can sit on a rocking chair watching the sunset on your porch or balcony, overlooking our scenic property. For the more active naturalists who want to get out of their smart home and outside, Revel Creek will have connections to the Portage Creek hike and bike trails.

An Elite-Trained Chef

While you can make your dinners at your new house in your kitchen, who wouldn’t want an elite chef at their service? At Revel Creek at Heritage Community, residents have numerous dining options available, including a chef trained at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America that will be committed to sourcing food locally and producing creative, nutritious, and delicious meals comparable to the best restaurants around.

Residents are welcome to make recommendations and requests, whether it is their favorite comfort-food like lasagna, a more delicately prepared fish, or a decadent chocolate torte. Enjoy restaurant-style dining as much as you’d like, but you can always make your children’s favorite dish in your kitchen when they come to visit you, too.

And while everyday dining at Revel Creek will be delightful, lunch and dinner outings are just some of the off-campus activities offered by Heritage Community that you are welcome to participate in.

Activities Abound

What makes Revel Creek particularly special is the active senior living community it aims to create. Heritage Community offers art classes, choir, knitting circles, card-playing clubs, family night potlucks, picnics on the lawn, ballroom dancing lessons, poetry readings, cocktail hours and continuing education opportunities that are all available to Revel Creek residents. While you may have never sung or danced before, it is never too late to pick up a new hobby and make new friends at Revel Creek.

While many seniors can struggle with loneliness and isolation, living in a senior living community like Revel Creek will help you keep socially engaged in your community, and when simply wanting a visit, friends are only a short walk away. With so many activities for seniors offered, you’ll never have to feel bored as you create your new life in retirement with your new friends.

Beauty Inside and Out

Used to getting your hair done every week? There is no need to stop making yourself feel and look beautiful when moving into a senior living community. The Seasons Salon & Spa team, operated by Salon PS, are licensed and certified with specialized CARESTM training (Dementia Care) and offer a wide array of services for men and women of any hair type and style. You can even indulge in spa treatments including manicures, pedicures, massages, and hair removal. These services extend to your visiting loved ones so they are able to join you for a day of pampering for a special occasion or just because!

Fit and Well for Life

Features of some of the best senior living communities must include health and wellness facilities. Whether you’ve always been a gym enthusiast, or want to learn a new activity, Revel Creek will have a state-of-the-art fitness center and classes to keep its residents active and healthy into their golden years.

Some of the classes offered at Heritage Community, which will be available to all residents, already include Tai Chi, ©Enhanced Fitness, and Cardio Drumming. Cardio-Drumming helps regain and maintain muscle strength with its unique integration of rhythmic patterns that help release endorphins, further helping improve mental awareness. Most important of all: it’s plain fun.

There is a fitness program here for every fitness level, and we aim to help keep our residents healthy and invigorated, in their body, mind, and soul.

Keep Your Peace of Mind With Healthcare

Ultimately, healthcare is the most important amenity to consider when choosing a senior living community. Revel Creek will offer a full suite of services in affiliation with both the Bronson and Borgess Medical Centers, southwest Michigan’s leading health systems.

If and when needed, Heritage Community’s Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing and rehabilitation services are also readily available. These services are included under the terms of your life care agreement and can include 24-hour professional nursing services and emergency medical care as well as an on-call physician.

Dental, podiatry, vision, mobile X-ray and massage therapy services are also available. With these amenities on campus, you can be at ease that you will be taken care of properly as needs arise and don’t have to worry about the future knowing you’ll be taken care of.

You’ve worked hard your whole life, and Revel Creek aims to provide an enriching senior lifestyle to keep you happy, healthy and thriving. If you’re interested in learning more about our vibrant senior living community, we invite you to visit our website, call, or even visit us at Heritage Community to see some of the amenities we offer.







Revel Creek August 2019 Newsletter

Should I Stay at Home or Join a CCRC?

Should I Stay at Home or Join at CCRC?

As you get older, a decision you’ll have to make is whether you’d like to stay in your home for the foreseeable future or move into a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), or life plan community. Every situation is different, so we’re here to help you weigh the pros and cons to determine what’s best for you.


It’s a common misconception that joining a senior living community will be more expensive than if you remained in your home. However, costs add up as you begin to rely on others for services you need but may not be able to handle.

Consider the day to day expenses that go into the upkeep of your home. These may vary every month, but they always remain an expense. In addition, maintenance is one of the largest expenses you pay when you’re a homeowner. From home repair to appliance repair, you could unexpectedly have to spend thousands of dollars without warning. You won’t have to worry about getting hit with costs like these while living in a community that holds the continuum of care program.


You’ve spent your years working hard for a living, and now you want to spend time doing things you enjoy. You have the time to focus on yourself, enjoying your hobbies and exploring new ones. You also want to spend time with loved ones and give them the attention they deserve. When you remain at home, responsibilities often get in the way of all of these coveted things.

When staying at home, you’re occupied with obligations around the house in order to keep up with your household. With CCRC living, a lot of these tasks are taken care of for you. For example, think about the responsibility of cooking dinner every night. At a senior living community, you can choose between cooking for yourself, or having an elegant dining experience at one of the options available at your community.


As you think about the future, you may be concerned about how you will get out of the house and get involved in the activities you used to participate in.

At a senior living community, you have the opportunity to engage with those around you and make long-lasting friends. Find joy in your day to day life by connecting with others who are nearby. Enjoy events and outings to the surrounding area, or remain on campus and connect with other members through art, singing, knitting, card playing, picnics, dancing lessons, and much more. Aside from making relationships for your emotional and mental health, your physical fitness will also improve in a CCRC.

Health/Medical Care

In some cases, it can be detrimental to your health to remain in your home as you grow older. Aging in place can put people at heightened risk of social isolation, poor nutrition, and in-home accidents. These factors can contribute statistically to a lower quality of life—and possibly a shorter lifespan.

Scientific research has confirmed the idea that seniors are better off when they stay active and involved in their communities as they age, as opposed to becoming inactive and isolated.

No matter what type of health care services you will need, the continuum of care at a senior living community will always be nearby. You won’t have to spend time traveling to various healthcare providers to get the attention you need–everything will be in the same location. In addition, in the unfortunate event that there’s an accident or an emergency, you’ll be cared for more quickly than you would if you were at home.


One of the most common stereotypes about moving into a CCRC is that it won’t feel comfortable or like home. While this may have been the case in the past, senior living communities have come a long way over the past few years. They are now being designed as comfortable homes for seniors to be happy in – a place to retreat, to entertain, to spend time with those who are most important to you.

When seniors are involved in a continuum of care program that offers multiple options of care, they gain a sense of freedom and security in their everyday lives. They are protected for the future, if and when their needs change, and they are assured that their community has their best interests at heart. Lastly, residents are provided with all these care options from the moment they enter the community grounds. This is what makes up the community of Revel Creek, an expansion of Heritage Community of Kalamazoo. But what ultimately sets Revel Creek apart from the rest is its breadth of care and the lifestyle that you can only find in this long-standing community.

The best way to determine if a CCRC is right for you is to see it for yourself. To learn more about Revel Creek, check out our website, or give us a call at 269-743-4456.

Life in Senior Living: The Benefits of a Life Plan Community

Life in Senior Living: The Benefits of a Life Plan Community

Imagine: You wake up to a beautiful morning in your modern yet cozy Smart Home, with climate and light controls that give you the ability to customize your living space just the way you like it. It’s Saturday, and after an aromatic cup of coffee, you decide to take a refreshing walk around Revel Creek’s picturesque outdoor terrace. The sun is shining, and your neighbors are happy to be outside as well. You get hungry, so you venture to the cafe, where you indulge in breakfast by a chef trained at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. It’s a fantastic day already, and you’re just getting started.

During the day, you get your haircut at Heritage Community of Kalamazoo’s Seasons Salon & Spa, then you relax for a bit before meeting your community friends in the evening for a ballroom dancing class led by a wonderful, friendly instructor.

This is just a taste of what your life can be like in a senior living community—particularly a life plan community like Revel Creek on the campus of Heritage Community in Kalamazoo, MI. By becoming a part of a community such as Revel Creek, you can experience enriching amenities, life-changing benefits, and reassuring healthcare services that help you enjoy retirement to the fullest, on your terms.

The value of a life plan community

Life plan communities, which are a specific type of Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), offer older adults a chance to enjoy the future of retirement living. Life plan communities such as Revel Creek combine luxurious living, community-building social engagements, senior-centric wellness programs, and the peace of mind of lifelong healthcare to provide residents with a superior level of retirement lifestyle.

Life plan communities often offer residents a wider variety of choices when it comes to home arrangements, and—one of the distinguishing features of life plan communities—they give residents the security of lifelong healthcare, often including such services as Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, and rehabilitation.

Living on campus

Many life plan communities (including Revel Creek at Heritage Community) feature a thriving campus where residents form an interconnected society of kindred spirits. Individuals are encouraged to be themselves in these communities, while also enjoying the freedom to learn and grow. The mental stimulation, social interaction, fitness services, and nutrition programs at life plan communities help seniors live longer, healthier, happier lives.

Additionally, some life plan communities feature state-of-the-art housing where residents can truly turn their houses into homes. Revel Creek, for instance, provides leading-edge smart home automation, climate control, and lighting systems so residents can design their homes the way they want.

As for amenities, life plan communities do everything they can to make their residents feel comfortable, cared for, and fulfilled. Often, these special senior living communities provide thoroughly-curated dining options (such as Revel Creek’s locally-sourced, chef-prepared menus), wellness and fitness centers, lively community gathering spaces, and perks like on-site salons, arts and hobby centers, and more.

Residents love life plan communities because of the freedom that the enriching lifestyle on campus makes possible. Life plan communities give residents the options they want to create retirement based on their wishes, and to develop the kinds of friendships and hobbies that make every day an adventure.

Healthcare at a life plan community

The other thing that draws seniors to communities like Revel Creek is healthcare. In a life plan community, residents’ care—often for life—is provided for in the terms of residents’ agreement contracts with the community.

This is the case at Revel Creek at Heritage Community, which boasts a long-standing reputation as a premier facility for senior living in Kalamazoo because of its healthcare excellence. Heritage Community offers residents a full continuum of care services in conjunction with the Bronson and Borgess Medical Centers, which are southwest Michigan’s leading health systems. Revel Creek’s specialized care for residents includes options for Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, and rehabilitation services—all on campus, and all included as part of residents’ life plan agreements.

The key value this level of care gives residents is the peace of mind—and the security—of lifelong care without unpredictable costs. From their first day at a life plan community, residents know how well they’ll be cared for in the future, whatever their healthcare needs may be; and they know they’ll be able to afford that care, because it’s already part of their living arrangements with the community.

Life at Revel Creek

Revel Creek is situated on the flourishing campus of Heritage Community, which has served Michigan’s seniors since 1945. Located in one of Kalamazoo’s historic neighborhoods, Heritage Community is the only locally-owned, nonprofit senior living residence in the area—and Revel Creek, the new expansion of the Heritage Community campus, is a combination of the best this vibrant community has to offer.

To learn more about Revel Creek and Heritage Community, visit our website—or schedule an appointment to visit the campus by calling 269-743-4456.

What’s to Come at Revel Creek – An Expansion of Heritage Community

What’s to Come at Revel Creek – An Expansion of Heritage Community

The future of retirement living is coming to Kalamazoo. On the campus of Michigan’s Heritage Community, a pioneer in the senior living industry since 1945, a new addition called Revel Creek will invite residents to a forward-facing lifestyle befitting today’s modern seniors.

Heritage Community believes in the power of vibrant, active senior living communities, where residents are put in a position to flourish. Revel Creek will further Heritage Community’s mission by providing refreshingly new residences and amenities, among many other life-changing experiences. In this post we’ll discuss all Revel Creek will offer future residents, including:

  •  Spacious, modern residences featuring Smart Home technology
  •  Welcoming, lifestyle-enhancing amenities and conveniences
  •  Outstanding health and wellness initiatives and care
  •  Heritage Community’s longstanding tradition of senior living excellence

Homes at Revel Creek

When you’re moving into a senior living community, you want it to feel like a place you can call home. That feeling starts with your residence itself, which needs to be a space where you are free to enjoy life.
Warm, welcoming, and contemporary, the Revel Creek residences will provide the comfort and modernity that today’s seniors love. At 900-1,700 sq. ft., these one- and two-bedroom residences will be among the most spacious retirement living spaces in the region. A porch or balcony is included in every floor plan, as are contemporary design features and fixtures, attractive finishes, and high ceilings.

Additionally, each and every Revel Creek residence will be integrated with Smart Home technology, which will enable residents to enjoy state-of-the-art climate control, lighting and security systems. These features make living in a Revel Creek home a pleasure—but residents also have plenty of reasons not to stay in their home all day.

Amenities and Conveniences

The amenities, services and conveniences offered by some senior living communities differentiate them from others. At Revel Creek, and on the broader Heritage Community campus, residents have the good life at their fingertips. For starters, there’s the modern, fully-equipped wellness and fitness center, as well as pleasant gathering spaces such as the lovely outdoor terrace and the indoor community area with bistro dining, panoramic views and a fieldstone fireplace. Of course, Revel Creek residents will also enjoy being able to access the full Heritage Community campus, which features a wellness center, library, art studio, computer center, and many other community-focused perks.
As for cuisine, Revel Creek will welcome a chef trained at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America to bring locally-sourced foods and creative, delicious menus to residents, so dining in the community will be something to look forward to each and every day.

Also, for nature lovers, Revel Creek will feature views of—and future connections to—the Portage Creek hike and bike trail project.

Health and Wellness

Of course, health, wellness and medical care are of paramount importance at any senior living community. Residents want to know that they will be in good hands should health issues arise—and that the care provided will be not only quality, but affordable as well.

When it comes to Heritage senior living, outstanding health and wellness is a given. Heritage Community has developed a sterling reputation for providing health and wellness services, and for giving residents the confidence that comes with lifelong care.

At Heritage Community, residents are able to take advantage of a full continuum of care services. Heritage is affiliated with the Bronson and Borgess Medical Centers, southwest Michigan’s leading health systems. And Heritage provides Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing and rehabilitation services, on-campus, to any residents who need these types of care. At Revel Creek, these services are all included up-front in the standard life care agreement terms, so there are no hidden costs or surprise fees down the line.

A Heritage of Quality

“Revel Creek combines the excitement of new, state-of-the-art facilities with the security of an established, highly-acclaimed senior living community,” says Matt Shankle, Heritage’s Director of Sales and Marketing.”

“This isn’t some unknown CCRC popping up out of nowhere—this is a beautiful new addition to a strong, existing community with 75 years of history.”

This is the beauty of Revel Creek: It provides all the value of a brand new senior living community, combined with the peace of mind of living in a community that has stood the test of time.

Locally-owned and not-for-profit, Heritage Community of Kalamazoo is adding Revel Creek to continue its legacy of senior living excellence, and to further revitalize Kalamazoo by addressing the wants and needs of a new generation of seniors (from Michigan and beyond).

Heritage’s mission is to be “the premier senior living provider that celebrates the whole person while embracing families and partnering with the community,” and Revel Creek is Heritage’s next step in fulfilling that mission.

Discover Revel Creek at Heritage Community

For more information, visit the Revel Creek website—or call 269-743-4456 to schedule an appointment. (You can also make an appointment online.)


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