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Top Four Lifestyle Offerings of Senior Living

Top Four Lifestyle Offerings of Senior Living

Some seniors believe that when they move into a retirement community, they’ll be sacrificing the finer luxuries in life to which they’ve grown accustomed. But that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, some senior living amenities could offer much more than they expect. 

Revel Creek is the expansion of Heritage Community of Kalamazoo, where residents are invited to enjoy a forward-facing lifestyle at the leading edge of health and wellness. Here, residents don’t have to sacrifice comfort of contemporary design, cultural or social opportunities, or the stability of lifelong health care.

Revel Creek offers an active retirement lifestyle with top amenities inside the home, endless dining options, an unmatched health care program, and wellness services to keep you feeling your best no matter what phase of your retirement.

State of the Art Homes

As an expansion of Heritage Community of Kalamazoo, it was paramount that Revel Creek incorporate the best technology available to better serve its residents. We have added Smart Home technology, a contemporary design, and commitment to ongoing revitalization of Kalamazoo to address the wants and needs of a new generation of older adults in our region. 

Residents have the option of a one- or two-bedroom apartment that offers stately accommodations with a number of features and floor plan options. Revel Creek apartments are equipped with state of the art climate control and lighting systems. Amenities include full kitchens with appliances, designed specifically with entertaining in mind, as well as personalized housekeeping services, all-inclusive gas, electric and water, and so much more.

24-hour emergency and security, including personal response system pendants, will also be available so you have peace of mind knowing you’ll be safe.

The Promise of Lifelong Health Care

Residents and their loved ones are granted safety and security by Revel Creek’s unique approach to patient care including personalized services tailored to fit each resident throughout their time as a Heritage Community Member. 

As a part of the Continuum of Care promise, residents can become Lifecare Members, meaning they’ll be cared for regardless of their support needs down the line.

Heritage Community has long been reputed for its outstanding approach to health and wellness, offering the full continuum of care services in affiliation with both the Bronson and Borgess Medical Centers, southwest Michigan’s leading health systems. 

If and when needed, Heritage Homecare, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, and rehabilitation services are all available on the campus of Heritage Community.

Wellness Programs

Staying active is of the utmost importance to staying healthy, especially as you age. That’s why Revel Creek offers a variety of physical wellness classes for residents to be active and get involved in new experiences.

Some wellness programs include the following:

Cardio Drumming

This activity helps you regain and maintain muscle strength while having fun playing music. Drumming releases endorphins and negative feelings, and increases synchronization of brain activity which promotes a variety of positive outcomes such as mental awareness.


Enhance®Fitness is a senior-friendly, hour-long class held three times a week that promotes strengthening, cardiovascular stimulation, and mobility. The program is also flexible based on the residents’ individual needs so it can be enjoyed when possible.

Tai Chi

A Tai Chi instructor leads weekly sessions that allow participants to restfully increase their flexibility. Tai Chi involves deep breathing, positive visualization, and a rhythmic series of physical postures to invigorate the mind, body, and soul. 

Exceptional Dining

Heritage Community offers dishes that delight the palate with familiar and savory flavors. The wide array of options available will accommodate dietary or health-related considerations to always make sure your health is accounted for, without sacrificing taste.  

And as a locally owned non-profit, we value the incorporation of local grower’s products in meals and favor locally groomed culinary talent for our kitchen staff.

Staff invite regular recommendations from residents on favorite dishes so everyone can fully enjoy their food and eagerly anticipate their next meal together. From the light and fresh zing of our baked salmon to the home-mashed comfort of our potatoes or the decadent luxury of our chocolate torte, dining at Heritage Community offers rich, varied and exquisite tastes to complement your every day.

If you or a loved one is looking for comfortable and enjoyable living, with endless options to remain as carefree and independent as possible, Heritage could be the right fit. Take a look at the complete list of amenities we have to offer at Revel Creek. For more information, contact us here.

Revel Creek February 2020 Newsletter

The Importance of Self-Care in Senior Living

The Importance of Self-Care in Senior Living

Up until the retirement phase of your life, you may have dedicated much of your time to caring for others. Maybe you poured your physical and emotional energy into raising and providing for your children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren. The career you retired from was one that may have put you in stressful, high-pressure situations that required you to sacrifice “me time.” 

Wouldn’t it be nice to prioritize self-care in your retirement years? 

At Revel Creek, we are working to build a senior living community that puts self-care at the forefront of how our members spend their golden years. To us, that means creating an environment that offers amenities and resources to strengthen the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of everyone who will join the newest campus of Heritage Community of Kalamazoo. 

Self-care is easier said than done for those of us who are natural caregivers. It may feel unnatural or selfish to dedicate time focusing on yourself, but self-care is especially important as you age. You shouldn’t feel guilty or ashamed to put yourself first. Making sure you’re tending to your physical, mental, and emotional needs can help improve many facets of your life.

Read on to learn about how Revel Creek’s forward-facing approach to retirement living plans to help you do just that. 

Take Care of Your Body Each Day

So much of self-care is making sure that you’re feeling healthy enough to do the things that make you thrive day-to-day. We understand that everyone who joins the Revel Creek community will have a unique set of healthcare needs and medical resource requirements, which is why we’ve made sure members will have access to the care they need both now and potentially later in life.

We will offer a full continuum of care services if, and when, they’re needed that includes Heritage Homecare, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing and rehabilitation services available on the Heritage Community campus. For residents of Revel Creek, those services will be included under the terms of your Life Plan agreement.

Self-care also means making sure you have options for health and wellness activities that fall outside medical care. Take a fitness class to help promote strength, cardiovascular stimulation, and mobility, or try something a little off the beaten path like a Tai Chi or Cardio Drumming class. It feels incredible to remind yourself of what your body is capable of. It feels even better when you’re motivated by a community of neighbors who are also working toward fitness goals of their own. 

The foods you consume play such a huge role in how your body feels and functions each day. Revel Creek will have a chef trained at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America who is committed to locally sourced foods, and will supervise the creativity and nutritional quality of every dish you’re served. 

This 360-approach to your physical health strives to make sure all the pieces are there to help you feel your best each and every day. 

Find Your Daily Moment of Zen

A wonderful benefit of moving to a senior living community is the immense amount of stress that is removed from your daily life when the burdens of homeownership get removed from the equation. There is no more worrying about tracking a monthly budget or dealing with home repairs. As you settle into your new community, it’s important to keep looking for opportunities that continue to remove unnecessary stressors and inspire you to keep your brain active. 

Finding a moment of peace looks different for everyone. It could be a trip to the Seasons Salon & Spa to indulge in a day of pampering, or taking in the South Haven sunset. You won’t even have to leave the Revel Creek community to unwind with the natural beauty of the panoramic views. Have a seat and enjoy cocktail hour in front of the fieldstone fireplace after a long day. 

Build Up a Rich Social Network

So much of your mental and emotional well-being as a senior, has to do with maintaining a social network later in life. Studies show that seniors who have strong connections and relationships not only live longer, but cope better with health conditions and experience depression less than those who do not. There are many ways in a senior living community to connect with other members and keep social connectedness top-of-mind. 

Tap into events organized each month by the community like art classes, choir, knitting circles, board game night, family-style potlucks, and continuing education opportunities to keep your mind engaged. No one should ever stop learning. Challenge yourself to try out a new hobby or use the added time that comes in your retirement years to get involved in a local volunteer group. You never know –– your golden years may bring with them the discovery of a brand new passion you’ll be inspired to immerse yourself in. 

A welcoming outdoor terrace and indoor gathering space at Revel Creek make hosting friends and family simple and stress-free. Don’t be shy about putting yourself out there to introduce yourself to the new faces you’ll be meeting. Everyone growing into this community will be bringing their unique outlooks and talents to Revel Creek, giving everyone the opportunity to be a teacher and share their interests with the larger group. Talk with a Life Enrichment Coordinator about a community trip you’d like to go on or an event you’d like to see happen so that you can continue doing what you love with new people!

Don’t be afraid to reach out if you’re interested in learning more about the community being built at Revel Creek. We’d love to talk about the vision for the next community coming to Heritage Community of Kalamazoo. Call us at anytime or make a personal appointment to learn about the opportunities ahead.

Revel Creek January 2020 Newsletter

How Revel Creek at Heritage Community Cares for Your Health

How Revel Creek at Heritage Community Cares for Your Health

Health care in senior living can mean many different things. Depending on the type of senior living community, the care offered to residents varies greatly.  To get a better idea, let’s start by defining senior care. defines senior care as “specialized care that is designed to meet the needs and requirements of seniors at various stages.” Let that sink in. At Heritage Community of Kalamazoo, we go above and beyond the “requirements” of senior care. We don’t just meet the needs of our residents; we surpass them by providing our residents with genuine and personalized care.

 At Heritage Community, we believe that empathy and compassion play an essential role in how we provide health care. This form of care involves showing sensitivity and understanding to our residents, combined with an enthusiasm to help and promote their well-being. The compassion of our caregivers not only enhances the health of our residents, but also enhances how they live. 

 How We Care

 Revel Creek, an expansion of Heritage Community is a Life Plan Community. By choosing a Life Plan Community, residents can rest assured knowing that future medical care will be provided for them, either in the convenience of their homes, or right within the community. At Revel Creek, we truly value the health, wellness, and confidence that comes with lifelong care. Our senior living community offers six unique levels of care through Heritage Community –staffed with compassionate and skilled professionals.  

 Independent Living

Independent Living is ideal for seniors who can live on their own but want the conveniences of living within a community that provides services and amenities. At Revel Creek, we do just that! Independent Living at Revel Creek will offer residents the freedom to fully enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle enhanced by extraordinary services and amenities. If you choose to engage in Independent Living, our Life Plan model allows you to access exceptional medical services if and when necessary. 


We recognize the importance of building genuine relationships with every resident. All of our Homecare staff undergo thorough training to provide our residents with compassion, patience, and dignity. By fostering these genuine relationships, our caregivers can offer our residents elite medical care and medical support at home. 

Assisted Living

Assisted Living incorporates housing, personal care services, and health care uniquely designed to each resident. It is our caregivers’ objective to promote our residents’ independence while also providing personalized care. At Revel Creek, we’ll offer a wide range of services with varying levels of support. Everything is catered to the individual to make them feel at home. As a Life Plan community with top-notch Assisted Living services, Revel Creek supports residents’ interests and needs with wellness programs, monthly events, gourmet food, and well-trained staff to ensure satisfaction. 

Memory Care

Memory Care is a specific type of care that focuses on individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or memory problems. The trained staff of professionals at Heritage Community will guarantee Revel Creek residents the comfort and familiarity of home, while providing prompt and intuitive care as needed. We make it our purpose to make sure residents feel connected and secure. 

 Skilled Nursing Care and Rehabilitation

 Skilled Nursing Care provides residents with elite nurses and rehabilitation services. Our Skilled Nursing Care has numerous branches of care –covering short-term rehabilitative services, to acute long-term care for those who need personalized, around-the-clock attention. 

The Upjohn Care & Rehabilitation Center offers residents three branches of care. These branches of care are designed to highlight comfort and support. At our rehabilitation center, we provide speech, occupational and physical therapy, through one of the most highly-rated, in-house therapy departments in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Additionally, the Upjohn Care & Rehabilitation Center houses the Memory Care unit, dedicated to secure, compassionate care for residents who require 24-hour skilled nursing care.

Revel Creek at Heritage Community

The expansion of Heritage Community of Kalamazoo is designed to provide seniors with exceptional care and comfortable living throughout West Michigan. At Revel Creek, our residents are granted the peace of mind in knowing their care is our first priority.

To learn more about Revel Creek, opening in 2022, visit our website—or schedule an appointment to visit the campus by calling 269-743-4456.


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